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Welcome to Self-Development 4:01 


1.01 is Psychology

2.01 includes the Body

3.01 adds Your Energetic, Spiritual Essence

4.01 fuses all in Harmony with Boundless, Timeless Cosmic Resonance

You’re here!

That’s both obvious and also revealing in ways you may not be aware of immediately.

So, let me raise following possibilities:

Who but a gifted, old soul, dedicated to serving the highest good, would click on a link
to find out about  how to HARMONIZE All of You with All?

If you have already heard or read enough that you now want the book I’ve read into a video
along with the free bonus video guidance, great:



Thank you in advance for letting me

share this gift of a lifetime, which,

with even a little practice will activate

more energetic vibrance than ever

in your life, filling you to overflowing





And if you’re curious to learn more, would you say that you’re here because of the pain

and suffering you’ve known in yourself, others, and the world and are still sensitive to?

Would you be open to consider that what brings you here MOST POWERFULLY

is how much you're willing to do about all that pain and suffering?

And also, that you’re still seeking to learn, do, and be more because you sense something

crucial is missing?

Don’t you know most clearly something’s missing when you get triggered, stressed, confused,

and having to deal with doubt, fear, and anxiety yet again?

And how about the state of our deeply troubled world - doesn’t this scream out

that something crucial is missing not only for you but for all of us?

As for a bit of reflection on all the good work on yourself you’ve done, to process

limiting beliefs, emotions, behaviors, and to reset your nervous system, and practice

ways to activate your best, true, highest and high vibration self . . .

Isn’t it also obvious that our many useful, valuable, inspired approaches to heal, transform

and develop ourselves are missing something crucial too?


Missing what? 

Or could the most missing essential be a WHO?


In your life, aren’t YOU THE SUPREME WHO, who you ultimately are, and how you’re

called to give and share  in this life?


So, when “something crucial is missing” isn’t it almost guaranteed that you have fallen

out of touch with YOU  in this ultimate sense?


And reflecting further, could it also be true that YOU in this ultimate sense have never

been acknowledged so well that the truth of you gets through TO YOU once and for all?


And by means of some simple, clear, practical and amazingly effective way to not only remind

yourself but also to grow and deepen your connection YOU WITH YOU?


Then what? If you really get you?

What if you can then, effortlessly and more fully than you ever imagined possible,

make the shift of shifts:

From seeking TO SOURCING!

From questing to do and be more, better, different TO RADIATING THE MAGNIFICENCE

of who you already are. . .

From fake it till you make it TO ORGANICALLY KNOW, FLOW, GROW, AND GLOW!

So what will that take?

To answer, let me share the revelation of a lifetime that came in the 5th decade of my

post-Vietnam War search to serve peace.

This came after discovering that familiar methods, what I have called above Trauma Healing

1.01, 2.01, and 3.01, leave 90% unhealed.

Here is a way of ways, for transforming transformation – how to:


HARMONIZE All of You with All

What Will HARMONIZING Do for You?

In brief, to be fleshed out below:

This new practice fuses the benefits of meditation, yoga, qigong, energy healing, breath work,

body work, and prayer so that you feel as real without question Who You Ultimately Are, THE SOURCE

of any and all solutions in your life. . .


Beyond Any “Self,” whether Best, True, or Higher. . .



Who Am I to Say?

Here’s a brief recap of my journey:

Healing 1.01: After coming home from the war I went into therapy, got a PhD in clinical psychology,

and did the study for the US Congress that put PTSD on the map.

People Magazine did a story on me and the study:


Healing 2.01: Recognizing that I was still deeply numb, I refined my years of Yoga Practice

by going into extended study of Sensory Awareness (Charlotte Selver), Feldenkrais work

(Awareness through Movement), and Focusing (Eugene Gendlin, who coined the term “felt sense”).

And I got more supple and flexible than any Yoga teacher had guided me to.



Healing 3.01: After a decade of higher spiritual practices and hundreds of clients, I realized

that ultimate relief from trauma, which always carries the threat of death or hint of ultimate

vulnerability, calls for knowing ourselves as eternal beings – boundless, timeless, deathless.

And I incorporated this realization into my book, “Healing from the War,” (1985) awarded for

“affirming the highest human values” in the NY Times, and a well received paper for the Journal

of Traumatic Stress, “Hearing People through their Pain” (1995) both over my birth name Arthur Egendorf.


Healing 4.01: A new set of powers came in my early 60's. Decades of higher disciplines brought

the ability to read energy psychically.

Curious to check my work, I was humbled to find that 90% of my own and clients’ trauma was unhealed.

The same finding turns up with colleagues I check.

Then, an intense search for what I and the trauma field have been missing was blessed on

the morning of my 67th birthday in 2012 with the revelation of a lifetime,

. . . a new fusion practice, in which you . . .

. . . begin by shifting from any breath work to breath blessing, so you EXPERIENCE

effortless action, sublime grace, known in the Chinese of Lao Tse as Wu Wei, right from the start.

. . . you then bless breath to move you into the supple and fluid pattern you discovered as

an infant learning to crawl

. . . thereby unleashing the natural, energetic coherence radiating from your heart and chest

that coordinates contralateral movement (right arm & left leg together, then the reverse),

organically, effortlessly


. . . as this effortless moving also synchronizes with the toroidal dynamics (figure-8-ing)

characteristic of every energy field, quantum to cosmos, that is the geometry of Einstein’s



. . . and you come into experiencing the most amazing energy of living vibrance all through you,

as chakras cleanse, balance, and expand more dramatically than any other higher practice I have

been able to test so far

. . . then, as you turn this energy inside-out you can experience the entire expanding cosmos

bringing you to breathe in,

. . . and as you turn this immense energy outside-in you can experience the cosmos bringing

you to breathe out

. . . so, Oneness, as who you ultimately are, boundless, timeless and deathless, deepens as an

exquisite, immediate and highly pleasurable experience, no longer merely a thought, belief, faith,

or hope

. . . and which you can then draw on as your new, ultimately Harmonious living fact,

yielding increasing wise, loving, empowering joy, anywhere, anytime

. . . also to turn inward and radiate retroactively to nurture the many moments that live on in

you from the countless times when you as your ultimate essence were denied and left no better choice

than to shrivel defensively.



This is mama Andrea and 8 year old son Yadir – Artie’s fiancée and godson in Costa Rica:




What About Our Deepest Trauma Calls for Us
to Live Our Ultimate Truth?

First, let me share the energetic evidence that anyone can corroborate for this deepest trauma

from the 1st year of life.

Here’s a demo using hands in Subtle Energy Literacy, taught in my course Harmonize Essentials

and demoed further on a free YouTube playlist Subtle Energy Literacy.

This method is an elaboration beyond energy testing that uses pendulums, muscle testing, or

scanning as in Pranic Healing, all of which are part of my background.

I am using my hands as analogue indicators to show in ordinary space what I can pick up psychically.

All of this is to make the point that we shrivel in the first year of life, at least this is the case with

every adult I’ve checked except the Dalai Lama, his kindred lineages, and people raised by

spiritually realized parents.

This is a finding I stumbled on, not anything I had reason to suspect before the energetic evidence

leapt out at me.

The following approximations are drawn from energetic readings of hundreds of new consciousness

people who have done, on average, considerable self development work on themselves.


"How to Detect Your Deepest Trauma"


First, here’s a way to use hands to approximate your energetic stature at birth, for comparison

purposes as you’ll see in the next image.


Now, in contrast, here’s an approximation of your parents' capacity to make space for, validate

& support your full stature:


Now for your likely defensive shriveling by the time you were 1 year old:


Many hundreds of energy readings of "new consciousness" people have consistently borne out that

original shriveling from the 1st year of life remains in adulthood a major if not the pre-eminent

source of stress and constraint on full energetic expression:



As best as I can tell by reading energetically, the great wounding occurs from the UNSTATED

but also UNEQUIVOCAL message in vibes that the overwhelming majority of us in this civilization

had to confront from birth:

"We will love and care for you and make sure you learn that YOU'RE HERE TO FIT IN."

And a related HIGHLY IMPACTFUL insinuation:

"Forget about where you came from before birth and where you're going after death. We don't live

in touch with any of that."

The result of this deep denial and suppression of our ultimate nature brings us to retreat

defensively into what is at once an energetic fortress and prison.


So, what does this deepest traumatic shriveling call for?

That question led me into an intense search that was blessed with this wondrous discovery that is

now a multi-5-star raved book, that I have read into video with scrolling text.


When you click to buy the book below I include a free bonus video with guiding instructing

in the Harmonizing practice.


Here’s what’s in store for you, according to raves on Amazon:


“An embodied infinite energy to enlighten and heal”

I’m so happy that Dr. Vipperla has shared the secret of how to embody infinity because with this book, he has!!!


Learning how to move the figure 8 (infinity symbol) energy within the body expands the energy field into a broader consciousness and awareness than I have ever experienced.


How wonderful it was the first time I felt that energy moving through me even without my directing it. And then to discover multiple figure 8’s existing and traveling through my physical, etheric bodies connecting me to all that is was an enlightening bridge to the cosmos.


Thank you, Artie, for so lovingly providing us with a certain “Leap Ahead” to all we are and always have been! Your discovery of this energy within us is a great gift to the world.


I would definitely recommend following the video link to be able to gain and even greater understanding of this phenomenal technique of moving energy!) Much LOVE and gratitude!


Tamma Mae Marggraf, MAc, LCc, Senior Acupuncturist and 5 Energy Healer


“An essential reference tool on my healing journey”

Dr. Artie Vipperla’s book turns out to be my best self-healing tool, because it’s author:

- Has experienced the horrific war trauma of personal, collective and ideological nature

- With self-healing he evolved into a peacemaker, social activist and spiritual alchemist

- Anchoring his transformation with solid education and practice of several therapeutic modalities

he gained unique capacities of reading and guiding people

- His personal life, including the present time is a testimony to flourishing with amazing joy, love

and the innocent curiosity of a child!


In his book, Dr. Artie Vipperla builds a bridge between highly esoteric principles, mystical ancient traditions and scientific evidence-based healing principles that appeal to analytical mind and intuitive heart.


I like the conversational language, compassionate and patient instruction in the exercises and the takeaways closing chapters. Unique features are texts in golden background which explain and support self-healing routines. I also find some of them very useful for guided meditation.


Thank Dr. Vipperla for your compassionate gift!


Wes Rocki, MD PhD Holistic Healing Physician


“One of the most important spiritual texts of the last 1,000 years”

 This one single book, if fully understood and applied, has the potential to launch you into full “enlightenment”.

I have no doubt that it will one day be considered sacred scripture. I am not overstating this. Reading this book is itself a deep meditation, actively applying it will bring you into true spiritual awareness.

If this book has come to your attention and you are interested, consider that a calling from your divine essence.

William W. (verified purchaser)



And two new consciousness influencers chime in:


“This book is a marvel, a profound

transmission that sits in a rare niche

of books where you can experience

the teaching in the

moment of reading. . .

the words have the power

of direct contact with Source.”



Oprah of Regenerative Culture






“The principles Artie has channeled

will dramatically enhance

therapy, coaching,

transformation processes,

and trauma healing.

These principles also hold immense

promise for deepening soul and

spirit realization through

meditation, yoga,

energy healing, Qigong, breath,

and bodywork.”

Child prodigy, acclaimed 50-year career as concert pianist/conductor Spiritual Visionary

So if any of the above resonates, click below and I will send you my reading of the book on video

so you get the look, sound and feel of this energy, along with the video guidance to practice

Harmonizing on your own.


While the book has many meditative passages that reward re-reading, you will also be able to replay

the bonus video as often as will delight you, until like learning music, you can play by ear and memory.

OR, if you’re someone who does best with one-on-one personal contact and want to skip the book

for now, contact me directly at:


Thank you in advance for letting me share this gift of a lifetime, which, with even a little practice

will activate more energetic vibrance than ever in your life, filling you to overflowing boundlessly.





Thank You for Embarking on This Journey



If you're feeling aligned with this message, I'm excited to meet you and walk at your side on this path

that transforms transformation.


Loving Blessings,









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