Harmonizing is for You dear Visionary Soul Who Ache to Bring more Wise Loving Potent Joy into Your Life and Our World



You’re here!  That says alot.

 Only an old soul

 Who desires to spread healing

 With a huge heart that aches

 From the world's pain

Shows up for how to

 HARMONIZE All of You with All





For you who will appreciate an amazingly energizing pleasurable fusion practice

that blends benefits of

Meditation, Yoga, Qigong, Energy Healing, Breath Work, Body Work, & Prayer

Doable in minutes, anytime, anywhere . . .



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Let 5-star reviewers answer “why this book?”




Listen to healer, acupuncturist & astrologer Lauren Jubelier:




Now, hear raves from colleague - mentees:

“This gets me so similing until I become — HUMUNGOUS!”


“It’s greater communion of yourself, with God, of it all and I’m in such awe.”


“Ah ha ha, it feels SO GOOD!”

-Flowing River



And let me, Artie, share a bit of background and the vibe:




Why practitioners love this newly revealed fusion practice:


Do it regularly and you fulfill  6 promises of Realized Being:

1. Feel more wonderful in your body, eating and taking care as is best, without having to force yourself

2. Heal your trauma of traumas, the denial since birth of who you truly are & have always been

3. Relate from being already fulfilled, without needing to change others to be comfortable

4. Work with more fun and less hassle, being fulfilled before you start, continue, or complete whatever

5. Live as your Divine cosmic essence, experiencing  & radiating wise, loving, potent, joy

6. Alchemize pain, your own & others’ by beaming blessings in energetic-spiritual activism



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You shift from breath work to breath blessing.

Then open further to bless your way to transmute the cosmic forces long sleepwalking in you

by mastering the Principles of PATTERN, PACE, PATH & PRACTICE to grow energy like compound interest 












Buy the $12 Video Book & get as a free bonus my video "Guidance to Harmonize All of You with All" 

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Treat yourself to at least one of my courses - each one includes 60 Days of daily brief 5 to 8-minute videos parsed each day to support your Harmonizing as a new 2nd nature - See the selection below




GIVE ME THE GIFT OF MENTORING YOU INTO BECOMING A MENTOR YOURSELF in this new revelation, 6 months, self-study, group coaching, plus one-on-one, Details below








“This book is a marvel, a profound transmission that sits in a rare niche of books where you can experience the teaching in the moment of reading. . . the words have the power of direct contact with Source.”


Oprah of Regenerative Culture
“The principles Artie has channeled will dramatically enhance therapy, coaching, transformation processes, and trauma healing. These principles also hold immense promise for deepening soul and spirit realization through meditation, yoga, energy healing, Qigong, breath, and bodywork.”

Child prodigy, acclaimed 50-year career as concert pianist/conductor Spiritual Visionary






 The #1 New Release "Harmonize All of You with All" Book





of this 120 page #1 new release that RAVE REVIEWS say flows like a meditation

Intro 50% Discount: $12 

click HERE 50% intro discount $12, or order a hard copy from Amazon ($18) links below

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Next, guide and accompany you virtually in making this revelation yours:

a 60-day course, 5'-8 minute videos daily,

and here's what Dr. Rick Bellingham has to say about it:


 "In my 50 years as a professional educator,
from prisons to community organizations and global corporate C-suites,
I have never found a course that is as sensitive,
deep, and thorough in imparting such a subtle and wondrous new skill set
as Harmonize Essentials"


The Harmonize Essentials Course


60-day guided digital course for coaches, healers, and individuals who want to learn

how to Harmonize with brief, but highly energizing daily support

and will love guidance to read meditatively through the book,

"Harmonizing All of You with All".

The experiential learning in this course is invaluable accompaniment to the book.


I've heard from many people how much more deeply and fully they understand and integrate Harmonizing

when they both read the book AND watch the brief daily video clips


Based on testing with dozens of clients, this harmonizing practice takes 60-days to integrate as a habit.

In the Harmonize Essentials course, I gently encourage and support you to make this revelation yours.

The brief, 8-12 minute video clips provide detailed clarification and advanced training in the comfort of your home or office.


Harmonizing involves you in blended bodily, soulful, and spirit expression

and the value of the Harmonize Essentials course stems from giving you ways 

to read, watch, listen, and have guided practice.

This is immersion in embodying and experiencing

so that you exude Harmony.


Whether you know how to use muscle testing or kinesiology to test for "yes or no" questions,

and if you don't, I cover this in full, you'll also become grounded in more advanced 

subtle energy literacy.  

so that you'll be capable of more elaborate, quantitative, readings

in response to questions that ask,  “how much...?”

And I'll show you how to compare multiple factors —

like assessing chakras, tuning in to the many moments you lived (in this lifetime and others),

and almost instantly discerning an energetic profile.

With subtle energy literacy, you will get elaborate, in-depth readings

of previously hidden areas.


All this can be found in the 5 videos of Module 2.


And there's so much more in each of the other 5 modules...


Let Me Help You Fully Experience and Integrate the Future of Healing. Today.

Here's how it works:

The Harmonize Essentials Course gives you invaluable support to fully integrate the richness of the book through brief, 8-12 minute video clips delivered daily to your email. Plus, you'll receive short reading to encourage and support you in making the harmonizing revelation your own.

  • Module 1: Tap into the value of fusing the benefits of meditation, yoga, energy healing, and prayer in minutes. Anytime, anywhere. Seamlessly blend higher practices to advance energetically faster and fuller than ever. You will shift from habits of being rushed, harsh, forceful, and/or numb into easy, flowing, graceful pleasure.


  • Module 2: Gain the skills to read energy in response to “yes/no” and “how much?” questions. You'll easily know how to evaluate your progress. In moments of confusion, you'll have the RIGHT tools to check your intuition for crystal clear answers and direction. And with me by your side, you'll practice and grow into consistently higher knowing and ways of being.

  • Module 3:  Enhance your innate channeling energy. Recover the physical suppleness you had as an infant. Activate the 12 energies of the highest yoga and Kabbalah in minutes — not decades.

  • Module 4: Tenderly bless your way to inner healing. Master the extension of breath-blessing to your deepest, most guarded "inner you's," Gently soothe your fierce, frozen, and forgotten "little ones." Learn to lovingly relate to your younger “you’s” to gather a caring inner family you never dreamed was possible. Learn how to be your own live-in guide and optimally heal bodily and psychologically. Complete your inner exploration in five clear, easy-to-follow steps.

  • Module 5: Once you've securely "put on your facemask first," you'll shift to harmonizing to the point of “subliming.” I show you how to make the impact your soul has yearned to impart for years. You'll be far more effective than ever just being you as the way to "help others."  You'll understand how to stream forth wise, loving, potent joy and beam sublime forgiveness and sacred energetic-spiritual activism to clients, friends, family, all who you meet, and the wider world

  • Module 6: Watch 3 live sessions where I work with advanced coaches. This is a crowd favorite! You get to see and hear and fully experience the harmonizing skills. Experience the unfolding of richer understanding and embodying at new and deeper levels. Practice with me as your guide. Be fully activated into realizing who you are to heal the world.

Experience the experience for yourself!

So, to sum it up:

Fulfilled Being You,

Creating the Ultimate Wealth

You'll Take with You

As Well As Leave Behind


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 Harmonize Essentials Green

Value: $500

Cost: $97

         PayPal or Stripe (payable to: artievipperla@gmail.com)



Harmonizing is you emerging as the super ideal care giver of your dreams, finally hugging inwardly your “you’s” dating from infancy, while you grow your subtle energies exponentially way beyond what has been possible with traditional disciplines.

The more energy, the more YOU, for all your are and do.



Now for the great truth of you & me: The best I have to offer will look at first like MY energy, presence, or vibes.
And yes, I’m unusually bright and vibrant, especially at 78.
But hang with me live enough and you’ll really get what you’ll hear me say repeatedly:


Takes one to know one.”

You can only pick up what already lives in you to some degree.


So, choose the 60-day course PLUS 10 weekly zoom 60-minute group meetings with me, 30-min when only individual mtgs work.


In our meeting live I will be able to guide you in birthing in you what initially seemed like what in me draws you near.
Join me, a once very troubled Vietnam vet, ripened into a psychologist, national trauma expert, award-winning author, virtuoso energy healer, spiritual guide, and now mentor of mentors, so I can bless your promise to be a blessing.




Two options for Harmonize Essentials PLUS Course

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 Harmonize Essentials Plus


Value: $2,000

Cost: $497 upfront

PayPal or Stripe (payable to: artievipperla@gmail.com)



 Harmonize Essentials Plus (2 months)

Value: $2,000

Cost: $300 payable in advance, and;

          $300 at the beginning of the second month

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Mentoring so that Harmonizing becomes yours to share


A 6-month high-touch mentorship to advance the advanced to their highest levels of purpose and contribution. You who stand out by opening up to ask for and receive guidance from those, you can tell are already manifesting some of what you are called to manifest too.

Every time we meet, I will begin by listening, including to your vibes in wordless silence. And I will invite you to move me so I respond, in effect, channeling YOU back to you.

How will that be?




“Genius,’ we’ve called him in public.

Artie is an unsurpassed blend of healer, sage, psychic, and prophet.

Sit with him a few minutes, even online or on the phone and before he says a word, you’ll be glowing. Let him hear some impossible situation you’re struggling with, and he’ll channel back loving wisdom he says is yours, but which you didn’t know you had. When people acknowledge our achievements, we often add: ‘Artie, we couldn’t have done this without your wise, loving, empowering support.”




Co-Founders, Society of Voice Arts and Sciences - SOVAS.org
“Oscars of the Voiceover Industry”




“I’ve worked with Artie for years. To say he is insightful, intuitive, and wise is a gross understatement. He is a great friend and mentor and I have experienced immense growth through the healing power of his discovery, which has become a part of my daily ritual.
I'm thrilled to learn he’s offering a course and mentorship programs
and can’t recommend them strongly enough.”


Screenwriter & TV Executive
* not his real name



Schedule a sample session to see if this is right for you!



Two Options for Harmonize Essentials Mentoring:


CLICK to order Harmonize Essentials Mentoring


Harmonize Essentials Mentoring 


Value: $10,000

Cost: $7,500 upfront

PayPal or Stripe (payable to: artievipperla@gmail.com)



 Harmonize Essentials Mentoring (6 months)

Value: $10,000 

Cost: $1,300 a month (6 months)

           PayPal or Stripe (payable to: artievipperla@gmail.com)



You’ve come this far, so likely you’re not just curious. And also likely, you have a lingering desire for what all of us want - to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and cared for.

But in this setting, your desire goes beyond what is true for all. How about this:

You are ready for someone psychic enough to see, hear, and witness your highly unusual gifts.

Someone articulate enough to channel you back to you, as a midwife to your birthing your further, historic, Divine cosmic destiny.

And someone clear, able, and dedicated enough to be energetically at your side side through birthing, nursing, and weaning.

One way to know for sure: schedule a sample session, let’s meet, so you can see, hear, feel directly if we’re right to go further together.




Click any one of the orange links below.


 Beyond that: 3 ways we can work together


1st way: 25-minute energy reading of health, lifestyle, trauma history, and your relationship with guides, and lay out key ways to enhance your life $100
2nd way: 55 minutes and explore the above and begin healing your trauma of traumas $150
3rd way: A 6-month mentoring program, for you to go thoroughly into all the above for yourself, and be guided further to begin passing on this work as a facet of yours: For people who have already received either a 25 or 55-minute session





Schedule a sample session to see if this is right for you! 



To make all this yours to grow from begin with free 20 min mini course - click below:

Mini Course - Part 1




 Mini Course - Part 2




These gifts, which I share as you can see under the OFFERINGS tab above, came to me through a post-war quest to aid in creating a world without war.

Personally, I had to face having gone to war, willing to comply with a draft notice, ending up complicit in state-sanctioned mass murder.

I could not hope to heal until I got a whole lot better at what I had sucked at:

. . . living in unwavering honor to profound peace, by realizing, both recognizing and making real, who I am ultimately, and all of us are together:

. . . here to bless and be a blessing

Like all of us, who you are when most true, real, and full are not only out of the box but out of all boxing, at one with our ultimate sources and destiny – harmony within and without.

Then, how you think, feel, act, and desire all morph so that you know, flow, grow, and glow like an adept, manifesting increasingly wise, loving, potent, joy.






Access your free 9 min video here:


More Health & Joy Ever:

Harmonize to Heal You & our World

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Here's a sample of FUN channelings of the Cosmic Dr. Seuss,
a set of 7 rhymed tweets, one of which begins each of 12 chapters of the book:



Thanks for coming and letting me share this lifework.

In the “Meet Artie” page, I’ll tell enough of my story so you can sample how hanging with me feels. Then you’ll know if you’re called to hang more, one way or another.

The greatest gift I’ve been given to share happens energetically, through contact. Meeting live is most full. But you can also experience life-enhancing hits by reading my book ("Harmonize All of You with All: The Leap Ahead in Self-Development" on Amazon - see "Offerings" page here for Amazon links in various countries)), studying my videos, or cultivating solo your “inner Artie” as a step in your realizing that what you appreciate in me is actually your own emerging energetic stature.

In case you're curious, here are some bragging creds.

Some clients say "he's the dad you wish you had" and others "spiritual godfather" and "so psychic he sees you deeply in the first few seconds." Father of 3 grown, ecologically committed millennials, new grandfather, now engaged to a mate from 3 previous lives, living in Costa Rica.

Along the way I've gone through lots of deep pain, years of weeping and mourning, humbling addictions, and hard won lessons, which I share under the "Meet Artie" tab above.

As for a kind of "who's who" summary, I’m a high honors Harvard grad, Vietnam vet, ex-spy, turned psychologist, who did the US Congressional study, "Legacies of Vietnam," 1981, that put PTSD on the map, and then wrote the Christopher Award winning, "Healing from the War: Trauma & Transformation After Vietnam," turned energy healer, and after 50+ years doing & guiding others in body-mind-spirit disciplines I’m channeling a new way to help the good guys (more and more women) to take power on earth.


If any of this calls you to explore more, check out the ¨Offerings¨ tab above.


As one last bit of intro, let a few great souls, mentors I’ve mentored, now loving fans, have their say:


Ali Katz
New Paradigm Mother Lawyer Business Priestess
"Artie is one of my greatest mentors and friends. He carries codes that are absolutely critical for our next evolution and the rebirthing of humanity. Sitting with him for a week during the Avalon Retreat was only something that could have been divined by something much bigger than any of us. His service to every participant, whether in the form of supporting them to see and face their triggers, or to find the parts of themselves they couldn't see, or to anchor into the body what surrender truly feels like, embodied, Artie served the community deeply. His work is transformational. His life is a living example of love. Thank you for showing up and finding me."

Satyen Raja
Founder Warrior Sage Leadership Trainings
"Artie is one of the most profound Healers,Guides,Teachers that I’ve been blessed to be served by. What strikes me most is his ability to accurately read what’s going on with me on all levels of Being. He’s guided me to directly feel the Divine breath that is breathing us all in such a tangible way. His depth of compassion,comes with fierce love that penetrates my layers of denial and brings me to Source.... and most importantly trains me to go to these depths myself anytime any place. In just a few sessions ,my life has come into greater Truth and I’ve shed years of old conditioning.I’ve received practical support for my business,my family,my relationships and my purpose. Whether you’re new on the path or a seasoned traveller, be ready to be humbled and uplifted to your truest nature and live in the heart of existence. Eternally grateful."

Joan Baker
Author, "Secrets of Voiceover Success" Co-Founder Society of Voice Arts The Oscars of Voiceover Industry
“This practice has astounded me with its power. Dr. Artie Vipperla has captured my heart with his deeper understandings of the universe within, like none other. Thank you for making possible what I could not understand on my own, in this lifetime. Your genius is soul freeing.”
Chanie Twersky
Descendent of 100 generations of spiritual teachers life coach & spiritual mentor 47 yr old mother of 8 grandmother of 9
"I’ve had the blessing of my life to be apprenticed by Artie and his groundbreaking work. Artie has a rare gift to humanity. After years of inner child and trauma healing I have been able to relieve wounds that no other approach took care of. Artie has found a way to reach all the way back to infancy. He shares a life-changing secret that is a potential healing for all human trauma. Artie has helped me come out of a high conflict relationship and stay in harmony and true to myself through the process. I love to practice harmonizing all of me. Artie is a school if not a practice. He is a prophet if not a teacher. He is loving, humble, genius and radiates all of him like the sun and helps you become your divine- cosmic self to the extent that you are open to allow and welcome experiencing who you truly are!"

Dr. Rick Bellingham
Executive Coach to more than half of Fortune Top 100 Companies
"What Artie is introducing is AMAZING. As a 40 year student of enlightenment disciplines, the last 15 in Qi Gong, I have to say that Harmonize All of You with All is unsurpassed. All the enlightenment disciplines agree on what we should think, but your practice brought to experience THIS with surprising depth and speed. Your work has a healing power that deserves as wide an audience as possible. THANK YOU. Terrific and meaningful work..”

Lorin Hollander
Child Prodigy (Carnegie Hall at 14), pianist, conductor, noted spiritual visionary
“Harmonizing All of You with All" is an inspired revelation that leaps beyond any “work” to “go to the next level” by showing how Harmonizing within and without can bring us all the way home, to who we truly are. The principles Artie has channeled will dramatically enhance therapy, coaching, transformation processes, and trauma healing. These principles also hold immense promise for fleshing out and deepening the experience of realization through the practices of meditation, yoga, energy healing, Qigong, breath, and body work. The genius here beautifully clarifies an experiential path for activating the ancient intuitions of “the music of the spheres,” so that we can realize in daily life how we, like all that is, ARE this Divine cosmic music. Artie’s offering will aid immeasurably in unleashing us to sing and dance even when silent and motionless, as we Harmonize All of Us with All to bring Heaven to earth.























Your Top 3 Pains and the solutions for how to overcome them.

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