Finally... You Can Identify & Heal Your Trauma of Traumas

and Realize Who You Truly Are:

A Divine Cosmic Uniquely Invaluable Heavenly Messenger



Now I will do my best to convey what’s in store if we work together,

whether you read my book, take my course, or sign up for mentoring.


But if we’re right you’ll know it by just checking me out,

 reading between the lines and feeling by vibe if I am a "yes!" for you.


So, this will likely be for you if you've already "done the work,"

and know you're here to love, be loved,

lend an ear, shoulder, and hand and most of all your big heart

to impact world healing.


You've tried everything...


You’ve meditated for years, gone on all the retreats, explored the modalities,

gotten so much more conscious and aware…

Yet, you know there must be more.


Something is off: with the world still such a mess

we who are awakening

must still have some huge unfinished healing in ourselves, right?




You've finally found your place.


This is where we transform the transformed.

Here is where you find the answers to the questions you didn’t even know you had. 

I'll show you EVERYTHING you need in order to have that deep, abiding sense

you are fulfilled before you even start

and open inner and outer sources for world healing.

This is what harmonizing does.

It's the key to inner peace, to welcome "what is" in a truly allowing way

and to bring complete coherence.


After healing with me and in unity with your innermost being, you'll:


- unravel long-tangled inner knots 

- experience lasting peace of mind AND soul

- have access to higher knowing

- never feel alone

- activate NOW and HERE who you were before conception, and who you will be after death



But don't just take my word for it...

Here's how Harmonize All of You with All is already changing the lives of today's visionaries and thought leaders:



“Artie is one of my greatest mentors and friends. He carries codes that are absolutely critical for our next evolution and the rebirthing of humanity. Artie serves with unusual insight, depth, and care. His work is transformational. His life is a living example of love. Thank you for showing up and finding me."


New Paradigm Mother
Lawyer Business Priestess


"Artie is one of the most profound Healers, Guides, Teachers that I’ve been blessed to be served by.  What strikes me most is his ability to accurately read what’s going on with me on all levels of Being. His depth of compassion comes with a fierce love that penetrates my layers of denial and brings me to Source. Whether you’re new on the path or a seasoned traveler, be ready to be humbled and uplifted to your truest nature and live in the heart of existence. Eternally grateful."


Founder Warrior Sage
Leadership Training







 But I get it. I remember that feeling like it was yesterday...

9 years of heartbreak and tears post-Vietnam.

Diving into every practice I could find which promised some relief from my internal torment.

Breathwork. Bodywork. Meditation. Yoga. A Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

Walking on coals. Chanting affirmations.

For 50 years. 


I believed I had done it all.


I HAD my addictions under control, mostly — no more drinking and (almost) no binge eating.

I HAD my reactions in my marriage under control — blowups were now the exception, not the rule.

I HAD impressed my clients enough so that referrals kept coming.


And I WAS happy enough.


Yet...I STILL ran up against places where I was triggered almost daily.


There were glitches with others on social media. The mother of my children called me "polarizing."

A close friend called me "bullying". I looked down on others who I secretly judged as not having done the work I had done.

I was quick to find fault and slow to honor the labor pangs of others who struggled to grow. 


I thought these run-ins were normal.

I knew I had superior communication skills. It was easy to expose why and how others were wrong.

I was doing my best to tolerate others.


After all, I was a "Harvard Man." 




But one day, I realized I could take my inner temperature psychically...


Even though I believed I had "it all", I got curious enough to prove I was right.

I turned to my new energy-reading chops to check my core underlying traumatic energy,

and what I discovered was SHOCKING.


My insight took my breath away and brought me to my inner knees.

I had the most humbling revelation of my life.


My layers of underlying traumatic energy were still INTACT and UNCHANGED.

I was mortally ill and had been running a 101-degree fever... FOR DECADES.


When I finally got bold enough to check on colleagues, others of the most renowned experts in the world...

I discovered they had the same underlying core traumas, without being aware of it.

And this state was considered "normal."


 The best I had ever done as a recognized pioneer in the field since the late 1970s — as the one who crafted 

THE pathbreaking study for the US Congress that changed the VA system in ways that are still in place today 

AND who wrote an award-winning book — was to "improve symptoms".


I had been deluding myself and now I knew

I needed to set things straight.




On the morning of my 67th birthday, everything changed.


All the decades of study and of practice suddenly, unexplainably came together in a flash of insight. Of KNOWING.

There was a practice no one had taught me, that no one knew.

Oh so gently, a seamless, slow-motion way of moving began to move me. 

My body began to take over — to do what it innately knew to do —

to heed my innermost cries for freedom, healing, and HARMONY.


My mind was in shock. Almost without realizing I was doing so, I did a reading of my energetic aura.

Stunned, I discovered it was doubling in minutes and then doubling again —

a transformation unheard of in any yoga, meditation, or any energy work I know.


And it just kept expanding.


But what about that underlying, stuck-in-quicksand traumatic energy?

It was diminishing noticeably and dramatically after just a few minutes of engaging in this new revelation.

For the first time ever, it was shrinking, metabolizing, and dwindling.


I began to transform like never before...

from both the inside out and outside in.

Over the coming hours and days, spontaneous joy — whenever and for no reason — became my reality.

I felt deep, dark corners of my being swept clean.

For the first time ever, I looked in the mirror and saw my dream come true:

I saw a joyous elder looking back with a twinkle in his eye.



And that was just the beginning.



It's Taken Me an ENTIRE DECADE to
Decode, Unpack, and Distill the Path for Others


From the first moments, I realized I had been given a major revelation for the ultimate self-care of my fellow beings

I considered this revelation as a sacred trust, a mission from the Divine that was not just for my own healing and transformation.

Rather, this gift was highly intentional and synchronous and it's no accident it came to me.


With a Ph.D. in Psychology and the years of experience gained by conceiving of and then designing the original congressional PTSD study, 

I was acutely aware of the need to document and verify as much of this discovery as I could. 


For 10 years, I have investigated, explored, and tested thousands of harmonizing self-experiments.

I gathered my observations and embarked on hundreds of individual trials with others, putting dozens of hypotheses to the test.

I haven’t gone a day in 10 years without harmonizing several times and observing the results.


As a scientist, I've worked to objectively validate or disconfirm each approach and experience.

I've meticulously sifted through the variations of the Harmonizing Practice to determine which ones are most effective

in balancing cleansing and dramatically expanding energy, as well as healing original trauma.


I responded by checking and double-checking and triple-checking energetically to make sure I was getting the signal straight.

For me, this practice has been one of listening to and dialoguing with God.





And for Sure You too Are Designed to 

Embody, Experience, and Exude...


...the highest heavenly virtues in your fullest life and on earth.

And you know this truth. There IS more for you.

This further transformation is possible.

Previously unresolved blocks and underlying trauma can be healed and transmuted and transformed. 

This is the true freedom every soul longs for —

and now you can experience it too. 




You Are Meant to Fulfill 6 Promises of Realized Being

These six promises were established over six months with a group of 12 advanced coaches.

They are the verified experiences and results that grow from the heart and soul of harmonizing:


1. Optimize Health

Have your eating and self-care align naturally with your unique physical body — without any force or struggle to comply.

Consider wise advice without needing to follow the "proven plans" of gurus, experts, and authorities.


2. Heal Your Trauma of Traumas

Since birth and through no fault of your own, you've gone along with everyone else in denying who you truly are:

Divine cosmic uniquely invaluable Heavenly messenger

Now you can emerge into the triggerless being you are.

There's no more need to fix your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

All that effort never ultimately works anyway.


3. Relate from Being Already Fulfilled.

When you come from already being fulfilled, you no longer need to change others in order to be comfortable or to feel safe.

Nor is there any lingering judgment or meaning around where another soul is on their journey.

You develop deeper-than-you-imagined-possible relationships with a few and shift into boundless affection for all.


4. Engage Joyously in Whatever, Whenever. 

Feel fulfilled and complete before you start. Be free of any sense of being behind, missing out, or needing to catch up.

Work in increasingly easy, flowing, graceful, and pleasurable ways.

Fulfillment at every stage of a project — or the space in between — is the new norm.


5. Live as the Uniquely Invaluable Heavenly Messenger You Are. 

Live each day uninhibited as who you truly are. Morph how you think, feel, act, and desire at will and in an instant into wise, loving, potent, joy.

Experience the activation and ongoing expression of the divine cosmic uniquely invaluable heavenly messenger you are.

It's all so natural!


6. Beam Boundless Blessings as Enhanced Energetic-Spiritual Activism

Alchemize your own and others’ personal pain and WORLD pain  — free of the ego's defense mechanisms.

Transmute suffering within your community by beaming boundless blessings.

Be the world-healing change you dream of for the world

which is possible as your uniquely blessed self, humbly uplifted by truth.



Harmonizing all of you integrates with and enhances EVERY self-development practice.


As you welcome these new practices into your current ones — with a single set of seamless body, soul, and spirit gestures — within minutes your system:

  • calms and clears like in meditation

  • grounds like with yoga

  • cleanses, balances, and markedly expands subtle energies like energy healing

  • opens your crown to higher knowing and being

As you respond to the full range of familiar calls to enter into coherent, resonant, presencing, you grow your energetic stature "out of this world," first to galactic, and then to cosmic proportions.








3 Paths to Harmonize All of You with All

I can show you how to harmonize all of you, your entire physical and energetic being, once and for all. 

1. The Best-Selling "Harmonize All of You with All" Book






In “Harmonize All of You with All,” you'll discover a primer for the emerging cosmic age

so you can soar into an energetic stature long the exclusive monopoly of rare adepts.


Even better, you get guidance and a clear path out of the deepest levels of trauma,

many of which you may only have a hint of their existence.


It will guide you into the future of healing TODAY ss you shift f

rom any kind of

breath work to breath blessing  

and welcoming breathing to breathe you,

and move you in a distinctive Pattern, Pace, and Path

that blend into harmonizing practice.


This is NOT a text to help you have a new mindset, a bunch of information to tickle your brain cells.


I've included the specific steps to support you to activate your unique Divine cosmic essence,

to harmonize all of you with All in ultimate presence, to guide you to embody experience exude

and enjoy hits of wise loving potent joy as sublime superfood.


 Get the Book Here



“This book is a marvel, a profound transmission that sits in a rare niche of books 
where you can experience the teaching in the moment of reading. . .
the words 
have the power of direct contact with Source.”


Oprah of Regenerative Culture



“The principles Artie has channeled will dramatically enhance therapy, coaching, transformation processes, and trauma healing.
These principles also hold immense promise for deepening soul and spirit realization
through meditation, yoga, energy healing, Qigong, breath, and bodywork.”


Child prodigy, acclaimed 50-year career as concert pianist/conductor
Spiritual Visionary



 Get Your Book Now


 Select your country to order:
































2. The Harmonize Essentials Course

A 60-day guided digital course for coaches, healers, and individuals who want to learn

how to Harmonize with brief, but highly energizing daily support

and will love guidance to read meditatively through the book,

"Harmonizing All of You with All".

The experiential learning in this course is invaluable accompaniment to the book.


I've heard from many people how much more deeply and fully they understand and integrate Harmonizing

when they both read the book AND watch the brief daily video clips


Based on testing with dozens of clients, this harmonizing practice takes 60-days to integrate as a habit.

In the Harmonize Essentials course, I gently encourage and support you to make this revelation yours.

The brief, 8-12 minute video clips provide detailed clarification and advanced training in the comfort of your home or office.


Harmonizing involves you in blended bodily, soulful, and spirit expression

and the value of the Harmonize Essentials course stems from giving you ways 

to read, watch, listen, and have guided practice.

This is immersion in emodying and experiencing

so that you exude Harmony.


Whether you know how to use muscle testing or kinesiology to test for "yes or no" questions,

and if you don't, I cover this in full, you'll also become grounded in more advanced 

subtle energy literacy.  

so that you'll be capable of more elaborate, quantitative, readings

in response to questions that ask,  “how much...?”

And I'll show you how to compare multiple factors —

like assessing chakras, tuning in to the many moments you lived (in this lifetime and others),

and almost instantly discerning an energetic profile.

With subtle energy literacy, you will get elaborate, in-depth readings

of previously hidden areas.

All this can be found in the 5 videos of Module 2.


And there's so much more in each of the other 5 modules...





Let Me Help You Fully Experience and Integrate the Future of Healing. Today.

Here's how it works:

The Harmonize Essentials Course gives you invaluable support to fully integrate the richness of the book through brief, 8-12 minute video clips delivered daily to your email. Plus, you'll receive short reading to encourage and support you in making the harmonizing revelation your own.

  • Module 1: Tap into the value of fusing the benefits of meditation, yoga, energy healing, and prayer in minutes. Anytime, anywhere. Seamlessly blend higher practices to advance energetically faster and fuller than ever. You will shift from habits of being rushed, harsh, forceful, and/or numb into easy, flowing, graceful pleasure.
  • Module 2: Gain the skills to read energy in response to “yes/no” and “how much?” questions. You'll easily know how to evaluate your progress. In moments of confusion, you'll have the RIGHT tools to check your intuition for crystal clear answers and direction. And with me by your side, you'll practice and grow into consistently higher knowing and ways of being.

  • Module 3:  Enhance your innate channeling energy. Recover the physical suppleness you had as an infant. Activate the 12 energies of the highest yoga and Kabbalah in minutes — not decades.

  • Module 4: Tenderly bless your way to inner healing. Master the extension of breath-blessing to your deepest, most guarded "inner you's," Gently soothe your fierce, frozen, and forgotten "little ones." Learn to lovingly relate to your younger “you’s” to gather a caring inner family you never dreamed was possible. Learn how to be your own live-in guide and optimally heal bodily and psychologically. Complete your inner exploration in five clear, easy-to-follow steps.

  • Module 5: Once you've securely "put on your facemask first," you'll shift to harmonizing to the point of “subliming.” I show you how to make the impact your soul has yearned to impart for years. You'll be far nore effective than ever just being you as the way to "help others."  You'll understand how to stream forth wise, loving, potent joy and beam sublime forgivness and sacred energetic-spiritual activism to clients, friends, family, all who you meet, and the wider world

  • Module 6: Watch 3 live sessions where I work with advanced coaches. This is a crowd favorite! You get to see and hear and fully experience the harmonizing skills. Experience the unfolding of richer understanding and embodying at new and deeper levels. Practice with me as your guide. Be fully activated into realizing who you are to heal the world.

Experience the experience for yourself!

So to sum it up:

Fulfilled Being You,

Creating the Ultimate Wealth

You'll Take with You

As Well As Leave Behind


CLICK to order Green course

Buy Harmonize Essentials Green

Value: $500

Cost: $97

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Harmonizing is you emerging as the mom you never had, finally hugging inwardly your “you’s” dating from infancy, while you grow your subtle energies exponentially way beyond what has been possible with traditional disciplines.

The more energy, the more YOU, for all your are and do.



Now for the great truth of you & me: The best I have to offer will look at first like MY energy, presence, or vibes.

And yes, I’m unusually bright and vibrant, especially at 77.

But hang with me live enough and you’ll really get what you’ll hear me say repeatedly:


“Takes one to know one.”

You can only pick up what already lives in you to some degree.


So, choose the 60-day course PLUS 10 weekly zoom 90-minute group meetings with me.


In our meeting live I will be able to guide you in birthing in you what initially seemed like what in me draws you near.

Join me, a once very troubled Vietnam vet, ripened into a psychologist, national trauma expert, award-winning author, virtuoso energy healer, spiritual guide, and now mentor of mentors, so I can bless your promise to be a blessing.

Brief but striking first-hand reports on the unprecedented benefits of these gifts:

Testimony from a great soul

Advanced coaches verify their huge boost in wise loving potent joy


“I have learned so much from listening to the videos and writing my own summaries of the lessons in this course of Harmonize Essentials. It's so rich and meaningful. “In particular, my skills have improved even after all these decades feeling at the top of my game in listening, hearing, intuiting, witnessing, communing and healing. “Clearly, the questions to raise with myself and others related to “blessing your way to inner healing” have enhanced my helping powers. And I can tell my aura has grown, my chakras energized, and my healing beam brightened.”

Dr. Rick Bellingham, 50 years experience, advisor to 200+ major organizations, businesses, and not-for-profits



Two Options for Harmonize Essentials Plus Course:


CLICK to order Harmonize Essentials PLUS course

Harmonize Essentials Plus

Value: $2,000

Cost: $497 payable in advance

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Harmonize Essentials Plus (2 monthly payments)

Value: $2,000

Cost: $300 payable in advance, and;

         $300 at the beginning of the second month

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Mentoring so that Harmonizing becomes yours to share


  1. Now, for MENTORING:

A 6-month high-touch mentorship to advance the advanced to their highest levels of purpose and contribution. You who stand out by opening up to ask for and receive guidance from those, you can tell are already manifesting some of what you are called to manifest too.

Every time we meet, I will begin by listening, including to your vibes in wordless silence. And I will invite you to move me so I respond, in effect, channeling YOU back to you.

How will that be?



“‘Genius,’ we’ve called him in public.

Artie is an unsurpassed blend of healer, sage, psychic, and prophet.

Sit with him a few minutes, even online or on the phone and before he says a word, you’ll be glowing. Let him hear some impossible situation you’re struggling with, and he’ll channel back loving wisdom he says is yours, but which you didn’t know you had. When people acknowledge our achievements, we often add: ‘Artie, we couldn’t have done this without your wise, loving, empowering support.’”


Co-Founders, Society of Voice Arts and Sciences -
“Oscars of the Voiceover Industry”



“I’ve worked with Artie for years. To say he is insightful, intuitive, and wise is a gross understatement. He is a great friend and mentor and I have experienced immense growth through the healing power of his discovery, which has become a part of my daily ritual. I’m thrilled to learn he’s offering a course and mentorship programs and can’t recommend them strongly enough.”


Screenwriter & TV Executive
* not his real name



Two Options for Harmonize Essentials Mentoring:


CLICK to order Harmonize Essentials Mentoring


Harmonize Essentials Mentoring

Value: $22,500 

Cost: $10,000 upfront

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 Harmonize Essentials Mentoring (6 monthly payment)

Cost: $2,000/month (in 6 monthly payments)

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You’ve come this far, so likely you’re not just curious. And also likely, you have a lingering desire for what all of us want - to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and cared for.

But in this setting, your desire goes beyond what is true for all. How about this:

You are ready for someone psychic enough to see, hear, and witness your highly unusual gifts.

Someone articulate enough to channel you back to you, as a midwife to your birthing your further, historic, Divine cosmic destiny.

And someone clear, able, and dedicated enough to be energetically at your side side through birthing, nursing, and weaning.

One way to know for sure: schedule a sample session, let’s meet, so you can see, hear, feel directly if we’re right to go further together.

Click any one of the orange links below.



Beyond that: 3 ways we can work together

1st way: 25-minute energy reading of health, lifestyle, trauma history, and your relationship with guides, and lay out key ways to enhance your life: $250.

Click to Schedule


2nd way: 55 minutes and explore the above and begin healing your trauma of traumas: $500.

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3rd way: A 6-month mentoring program, for you to go thoroughly into all the above for yourself, and be guided further to begin passing on this work as a facet of yours: For people who have already received either a 25 or 55-minute session: $10,000.

 Click to Schedule



Click to schedule a sample session to see if this is right for you!



Thanks for taking all of this in! 

Loving blessings,




 You only need to join in regular practice and begin fulfilling these

6 Promises of Higher Being:

How? You shift from breath work to breath blessing. Then, you open further to bless your way to transmute the cosmic forces long sleepwalking in you to unfold as inner and outer healing and awakening.

And what can this do for you? With practice, you can: 

1 Optimize health, by eating and taking care as is best for you, without having to force yourself to comply

2 Heal your trauma of traumas, the denial since birth of who you truly are, and emerge into triggerless being, no need to fix thoughts, emotions, & behaviors

3 Relate from being already fulfilled, without needing to change others for you to be comfortable

4 Work increasingly in easy, flowing, graceful, pleasure, by being fulfilled before you start, continue, or complete whatever

5 Live as who you truly are, able to morph, at will, how you think, feel, act, and desire to wise, loving, potent, joy, all so natural when you activate the Divine cosmic uniquely invaluable Heavenly messenger you are

6 Alchemize your own and others’ personal pain, and world suffering, by beaming boundless blessings in enhanced energetic-spiritual activism