We are offering 3 levels of courses that are invaluable along with reading the Book.

(Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)




Harmonize Essentials Green (a 60-day course that you can do in your own phase)

Harmonize Essentials Plus (10-weekly group meeting with Artie)






Next, guide and accompany you virtually in making this revelation yours:

a 60-day course, 5'-8 minute videos daily,

and here's what Dr. Rick Bellingham has to say about it:


"In my 50 years as a professional educator, from prisons to community organizations and global corporate C-suites, I have never found a course that is as sensitive, deep, and thorough in imparting such a subtle and wondrous new skill set as Harmonize Essentials"




The Harmonize Essentials Course


A 60-day guided digital course for coaches, healers, and individuals who want to learn

how to Harmonize with brief, but highly energizing daily support

and will love guidance to read meditatively through the book,

"Harmonizing All of You with All".

The experiential learning in this course is invaluable accompaniment to the book.


I've heard from many people how much more deeply and fully they understand and integrate Harmonizing

when they both read the book AND watch the brief daily video clips


Based on testing with dozens of clients, this harmonizing practice takes 60-days to integrate as a habit.

In the Harmonize Essentials course, I gently encourage and support you to make this revelation yours.

The brief, 8-12 minute video clips provide detailed clarification and advanced training in the comfort of your home or office.


Harmonizing involves you in blended bodily, soulful, and spirit expression

and the value of the Harmonize Essentials course stems from giving you ways 

to read, watch, listen, and have guided practice.

This is immersion in emodying and experiencing

so that you exude Harmony.


Whether you know how to use muscle testing or kinesiology to test for "yes or no" questions,

and if you don't, I cover this in full, you'll also become grounded in more advanced 

subtle energy literacy.  

so that you'll be capable of more elaborate, quantitative, readings

in response to questions that ask,  “how much...?”

And I'll show you how to compare multiple factors —

like assessing chakras, tuning in to the many moments you lived (in this lifetime and others),

and almost instantly discerning an energetic profile.

With subtle energy literacy, you will get elaborate, in-depth readings

of previously hidden areas.

All this can be found in the 5 videos of Module 2.


And there's so much more in each of the other 5 modules...


Let Me Help You Fully Experience and Integrate the Future of Healing. Today.

Here's how it works:

The Harmonize Essentials Course gives you invaluable support to fully integrate the richness of the book through brief, 8-12 minute video clips delivered daily to your email. Plus, you'll receive short reading to encourage and support you in making the harmonizing revelation your own.

  • Module 1: Tap into the value of fusing the benefits of meditation, yoga, energy healing, and prayer in minutes. Anytime, anywhere. Seamlessly blend higher practices to advance energetically faster and fuller than ever. You will shift from habits of being rushed, harsh, forceful, and/or numb into easy, flowing, graceful pleasure.
  • Module 2: Gain the skills to read energy in response to “yes/no” and “how much?” questions. You'll easily know how to evaluate your progress. In moments of confusion, you'll have the RIGHT tools to check your intuition for crystal clear answers and direction. And with me by your side, you'll practice and grow into consistently higher knowing and ways of being.

  • Module 3 Enhance your innate channeling energy. Recover the physical suppleness you had as an infant. Activate the 12 energies of the highest yoga and Kabbalah in minutes — not decades.

  • Module 4: Tenderly bless your way to inner healing. Master the extension of breath-blessing to your deepest, most guarded "inner you's," Gently soothe your fierce, frozen, and forgotten "little ones." Learn to lovingly relate to your younger “you’s” to gather a caring inner family you never dreamed was possible. Learn how to be your own live-in guide and optimally heal bodily and psychologically. Complete your inner exploration in five clear, easy-to-follow steps.

  • Module 5: Once you've securely "put on your facemask first," you'll shift to harmonizing to the point of “subliming.” I show you how to make the impact your soul has yearned to impart for years. You'll be far nore effective than ever just being you as the way to "help others."  You'll understand how to stream forth wise, loving, potent joy and beam sublime forgivness and sacred energetic-spiritual activism to clients, friends, family, all who you meet, and the wider world

  • Module 6: Watch 3 live sessions where I work with advanced coaches. This is a crowd favorite! You get to see and hear and fully experience the harmonizing skills. Experience the unfolding of richer understanding and embodying at new and deeper levels. Practice with me as your guide. Be fully activated into realizing who you are to heal the world.

Experience the experience for yourself!

So to sum it up:

Fulfilled Being You,

Creating the Ultimate Wealth

You'll Take with You

As Well As Leave Behind


CLICK to order Harmonize Essentials Green Course:


Harmonize Essentials Green

Value: $500

Cost: $97

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 Harmonizing is you emerging as the mom you never had, finally hugging inwardly your “you’s” dating from infancy, while you grow your subtle energies exponentially way beyond what has been possible with traditional disciplines.

The more energy, the more YOU, for all your are and do.



Now for the great truth of you & me: The best I have to offer will look at first like MY energy, presence, or vibes.

And yes, I’m unusually bright and vibrant, especially at 77.

But hang with me live enough and you’ll really get what you’ll hear me say repeatedly:


“Takes one to know one.”

You can only pick up what already lives in you to some degree.


So, choose the 60-day course PLUS 10 weekly zoom 90-minute group meetings with me.


In our meeting live I will be able to guide you in birthing in you what initially seemed like what in me draws you near.

Join me, a once very troubled Vietnam vet, ripened into a psychologist, national trauma expert, award-winning author, virtuoso energy healer, spiritual guide, and now mentor of mentors, so I can bless your promise to be a blessing.

Brief but striking first-hand reports on the unprecedented benefits of these gifts:

Testimony from a great soul

Advanced coaches verify their huge boost in wise loving potent joy


“I have learned so much from listening to the videos and writing my own summaries of the lessons in this course of Harmonize Essentials. It's so rich and meaningful. “In particular, my skills have improved even after all these decades feeling at the top of my game in listening, hearing, intuiting, witnessing, communing and healing. “Clearly, the questions to raise with myself and others related to “blessing your way to inner healing” have enhanced my helping powers. And I can tell my aura has grown, my chakras energized, and my healing beam brightened.”

Dr. Rick Bellingham, 50 years experience, advisor to 200+ major organizations, businesses, and not-for-profits




Two Options for Harmonize Essentials Plus Course:


CLICK to order Harmonize Essentials PLUS course

Harmonize Essentials Plus

Value: $2,000

Cost: $497 upfront

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Harmonize Essentials Plus (2 monthly payments)

Value: $2,000

Cost: $300 payable in advance, and;

         $300 at the beginning of the second month

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