Harmonize Essentials Green


 Harmonizing is you emerging as the mom you never had, finally hugging inwardly your “you’s” dating from infancy, while you grow your subtle energies exponentially way beyond what has been possible with traditional disciplines.

The more energy, the more YOU, for all your are and do.



Basic Course:

Harmonize Essentials Green (a 60-day course that you can do in your own phase)

Harmonize Essentials Plus (10-weekly group meeting with Artie)



Now for the great truth of you & me: The best I have to offer will look at first like MY energy, presence, or vibes.

And yes, I’m unusually bright and vibrant, especially at 77.

But hang with me live enough and you’ll really get what you’ll hear me say repeatedly:


“Takes one to know one.”

You can only pick up what already lives in you to some degree.



So, choose the 60-day course PLUS 10 weekly zoom 90-minute group meetings with me.



In our meeting live, I will be able to guide you in birthing in you what initially seemed like what in me draws you near.

Join me, a once very troubled Vietnam vet, ripened into a psychologist, national trauma expert, award-winning author, virtuoso energy healer, spiritual guide, and now mentor of mentors, so I can bless your promise to be a blessing.

Brief but striking first-hand reports on the unprecedented benefits of these gifts:

Click here for: Testimony from a great soul

Click here for:  Advanced coaches verify their huge boost in wise loving potent joy



“I have learned so much from listening to the videos and writing my own summaries of the lessons in this course of Harmonize Essentials. It's so rich and meaningful. “In particular, my skills have improved even after all these decades feeling at the top of my game in listening, hearing, intuiting, witnessing, communing and healing. “Clearly, the questions to raise with myself and others related to “blessing your way to inner healing” have enhanced my helping powers. And I can tell my aura has grown, my chakras energized, and my healing beam brightened.”

Dr. Rick Bellingham,

50 years experience, advisor to 200+ major organizations, businesses, and not-for-profits




Harmonize Essentials Green Course 

Value: $500

Cost: $97

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Click to order Harmonize Essentials Green Course:

 Harmonize Essentials Green



 Harmonize Essentials Plus Course 

Two Options for Harmonize Essentials Plus Course:


Value: $2,000

Cost: $497 upfront

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Harmonize Essentials Plus


Value: $2,000

Cost: $300 payable in advance, and;

         $300 at the beginning of the second month

         PayPal or Stripe (payable to: artievipperla@gmail.com)

Harmonize Essentials Plus (2 months)