Mentoring so that Harmonizing becomes yours to share


3. Now, for MENTORING:

A 6-month high-touch mentorship to advance the advanced to their highest levels of purpose and contribution. You who stand out by opening up to ask for and receive guidance from those, you can tell are already manifesting some of what you are called to manifest too.

Every time we meet, I will begin by listening, including to your vibes in wordless silence. And I will invite you to move me so I respond, in effect, channeling YOU back to you.

How will that be?



“‘Genius,’ we’ve called him in public.

Artie is an unsurpassed blend of healer, sage, psychic, and prophet.

Sit with him a few minutes, even online or on the phone and before he says a word, you’ll be glowing. Let him hear some impossible situation you’re struggling with, and he’ll channel back loving wisdom he says is yours, but which you didn’t know you had. When people acknowledge our achievements, we often add: ‘Artie, we couldn’t have done this without your wise, loving, empowering support.’”


Co-Founders, Society of Voice Arts and Sciences -
“Oscars of the Voiceover Industry”



“I’ve worked with Artie for years. To say he is insightful, intuitive, and wise is a gross understatement. He is a great friend and mentor and I have experienced immense growth through the healing power of his discovery, which has become a part of my daily ritual. I’m thrilled to learn he’s offering a course and mentorship programs and can’t recommend them strongly enough.”


Screenwriter & TV Executive
* not his real name



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Two Options for Harmonize Essentials Mentoring:


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 Harmonize Essentials Mentoring

 Value: $22,500 

Cost: $10,000 upfront

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Harmonize Essentials Mentoring (6 monthly payments)

 Value: $22,500 

Cost: $1,800 a month (6 months)

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You’ve come this far, so likely you’re not just curious. And also likely, you have a lingering desire for what all of us want - to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and cared for.

But in this setting, your desire goes beyond what is true for all. How about this:

You are ready for someone psychic enough to see, hear, and witness your highly unusual gifts.

Someone articulate enough to channel you back to you, as a midwife to your birthing your further, historic, Divine cosmic destiny.

And someone clear, able, and dedicated enough to be energetically at your side side through birthing, nursing, and weaning.

One way to know for sure: schedule a sample session, let’s meet, so you can see, hear, feel directly if we’re right to go further together.

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Beyond that: 3 ways we can work together

  • 1st way: 25-minute energy reading of health, lifestyle, trauma history, and your relationship with guides, and lay out key ways to enhance your life: $250.
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  • 2nd way: 55 minutes and explore the above and begin healing your trauma of traumas: $500.
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  • 3rd way: A 6-month mentoring program, for you to go thoroughly into all the above for yourself, and be guided further to begin passing on this work as a facet of yours: For people who have already received either a 25 or 55-minute session: $10,000.
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Click to schedule a sample session to see if this is right for you!