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For a few more hints of What, Why, How, and Who:


WHAT is this "Harmonize All of You with All?

A way to realize the treasure of eternal value, that you can leave as legacy AND take with you:

You as Divine-cosmic-Uniquely-Invaluable-Heavenly-Messenger


WHY this, what's so unique? YOU, Harmonizing become . . .

-so real you can feel: no need to push, force, or hush inner voices

-so true that who you are becomes self-evident: no need to make it up

-so beautiful you carry you with grace: all virtues in balance  

-so potent that you birth you ever anew, with no pain, no strain, lots of gain, especially for the brain

- so fulfilling as to satisfy ultimate desire - ecstatic JOY

- and all blended, so you melt through rushed, harsh, forceful, numbness with patient, gentle, sensitive, pleasure

-and then open to wise, loving, potent joy as quintessential result you create at will – before beginning, following through, or completing any action, commitment, or project


HOW is this possible?

You engage in a seamless fusion of higher practices through subtle moving that:

-resonates inwardly, head-to-toe, in a way that also

-harmonizes outwardly with how energy moves universally, from quantum to cosmos, so that you:

  • Clear like meditation
  • Ground like yoga
  • Cleanse and expand energies like energy healing
  • Open your crown to highest knowing like prayer
  • Retrieve infant-like suppleness
  • Balance effortlessly all energies
  • Sense how your living forces go out boundlessly – Cosmic stature
  • Feel how you emerge anew moment to moment – Divine creating


WHO am I to share this?

I’m Artie Vipperla, the Vietnam veteran whose study for Congress put PTSD on the map in 1981, and afterwards wrote the award winning “Healing from the War: Trauma & Transformation After Vietnam.” 1985 (I was using my birth name then: Arthur Egendorf)

Here more briefly than in my "Meet Artie" sharing (see the menu):

40 years after the war, I became psychic enough to check my work energetically.

Whoa! The most humbling surprise of my career burst in.

Evidence I checked over and over to be sure revealed that all I knew and had done to heal myself and others only skimmed the surface.

Checking further the videos and programs of scores of colleagues I found that I was not alone.

Many methods reduce symptoms, but with the rarest exceptions modalities claimed to heal, release, or clear trauma are overrated, as they leave an underlying traumatic energy untouched.

Spurred on by “What was I missing?” intensive further work brought a further surprise. On my 67th birthday I got up from morning devotions and was taken over by the discovery of a lifetime.

Moving was moving me in a subtle, supple, gentle fusion of 4 decades of meditation, yoga, energy healing, prayer, and subtle body disciplines.

And for the first time I found by checking the energies psychically that this simple, seamless practice can melt trauma going back to birth.

Even further, I found through hundreds of trials over a decade that this practice more fully, effortlessly, pleasurably expands energies than any other disciplines or integrations I know.

Join me in blazing a direct path to the greatest health and wealth before, during, and after producing any other results: Wise, Loving Potent Joy





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